I have a favor to ask of you guys. I’m trying to put together this REALLY FUN game that will hopefully blossom into a panel for a convention next year or the year after. And I NEED YOUR HELP. 

What can you do?

Just take these nifty fandom related surveys. 





Easy, right? Each survey is 10 questions long with a single write-in box. Just answer the question with your best answer. If you REALLY can’t decide on an answer, you can write two answers, or just leave it blank. Try not to focus too heavily on any subject, just let it come naturally. Please try to be specific in your answers - if I can’t figure out who you’re talking about I can’t count your answer. 

Then after I collect enough data, I will know which questions need to be thrown out and I can also ask for requests for new/better questions.

So hey if you have some time, please take these surveys, maybe signal boost and get it out there. I promise it’s really short. I’ll probably make the game playable online at a later time, maybe give out small prizes to people who win. 

Thank you!